Where are all the admin mods?

So after 2-3 years of not hosting a Gmod server i decided to make one again.
I dusted off a buggy gamemode and got it all setup, except for one thing and that was the admin tools to both manage players but also to restrict weapons and tools.
My first instinct was to download Exsto, ASSMod, Evolve or ULX. Sadly all of them except ULX are working but ULX does not offer (or so far i know) any simple restrictions to weapons/tools, so i am left right now with ULX, chestnut’s Moderator and Cats’ Administration Tools.

Sadly none of these offer restriction support what Exsto, ASSMod and Evolve did have, more to the point: Does anyone know or have a mod tool that allows me to restrict SENTs, SWEPs etc to certain ranks.

I was kind of in a pickle were this is a general question or a actual support thread.

Evolve still works fine. Make sure you manually add the pull requests, however. The creator hasn’t been active in a month.

Hm, worth the mention that i can only do so much with LUA. So i would already not know what you mean with the pull requests.
I am also too poor to use codehire to make someone do it for me.

These pull requests. Download Evolve and manually merge the code (copy + paste).

Get ULX and Falcos Prop Protection


FPP’s available without DarkRP.

And why don’t you stay with ulx it’s more than good and newb-friendly.

Evolve and Exsto both work fine. I even have a working version of ASSmod if you’d like me to upload it here.

I believe this still works (it’s for ulx)

And if that doesn’t work then just look through Ulysses forum and you’ll find it.

Why not just use Chessnuts new moderator addon?

Read the OP; he already said why.

Just to update, i use a fork of Evolve now and it works perfectly, only thing that i miss is some configurations like disabling the floating info box above player’s heads, turning off the rank colors in chat and to post adverts.

You can delete the sh_playernames.lua and sh_rankcolors.lua from ev_plugins to remove head tags and chat tags.


Try out this.

Ah thanks! You saved me a lot of time with that.