Where are all the official servers going?

I’m just curious if anyone at all has gotten any kind of official response on this issue. What issue you say? the fact that Official servers have been going down, and never coming back up for over 2 months now. Garry seems to post on the most random of things in these forums, yet no one can answer with anything other than speculation as to what the hell is going on. Yes, I know, I can play on a community server. I prefer official servers. higher population and always new people showing up. Yes, I know it’s alpha, but that still doesn’t explain this mystery.

No one really knows what is happening. Personally I think it’s the crappy netcode that’s at fault. Good thing it’s being replaced.

Hey Lumpy. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure my crew crossed swords with you (and I think Alwind) on US Central 1 about a month ago. We had a good rivalry going there until that server went down.

Anyway, we’ve migrated over to Belgium and its been more stable than some of the other servers (though the recent DDOS [or whatever] instability also affected Belgium). I don’t have any explanation for the disappearance of official servers but I’m happy to shoot you and your buddies over in the Belgium server every chance I get.

Come join us :slight_smile: (until Belgium, too, goes the way of the dodo)

Not me :). I only play non pvp. Last time i was on the central non pvp server(cant remember which one it was) I was on there about 5 hours when troglodyte and his pals boxed our entire base in, never came back.

Hey guys…East Coast 2 is back up and did not seem to lose much time to decay.