Where are good places to learn lua?

If you haven’t noticed from the title, i’m trying to learn lua. I’m new to coding and i can’t really write any programming languages yet, except for HTML, but that’s not exactly too useful for trying to learn lua. Although I can sort of read a lot of programming languages and understand basically what’s going on and i can edit it, but i can’t really write any languages.

I know w3schools is good for reference, but it hasn’t really been too helpful in actually learning any. If you have any other websites or video series that are useful for learning lua, that would be helpful.

From now off, this should be your best friend

HTML isn’t a programming language and w3schools is terrible.

HTML is sort of a programming language, and i just put it up there so people know i at least know how coding works.

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Err not sure why i haven’t looked there yet, might of been a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

this wiki is outdated, but the tutorials are pretty okay.

No, they aren’t.
They’ll teach you using NWvars for variables and concommands for function running.

Was stuck for ages on learning lua, got bored of videos, couldn’t understand websites etc… personally i’d download scripts of garrysmod.org like derma menus, customise then abit learn derma and maybe take a look at the code see if you understand it just start little, if you enjoy the project that you’re on you’ll research certain things and gradually understand lua.

ps. Still in process :wink:


For me, I learned a lot from actually checking out lua and making some dumb weapons, my friend knows how so I ask him and I actually learned a lot. I’m getting into 3D stuff now. Just keep trying and testing things out. If it helps you can watch videos. Basically, if you get an error fix the error and now you learn more. So get out there and start coding! <3

concommands aren’t bad, they are only bad if they are horribly overused for unnecessary shit.