Where are Keys posted?

I know we have to wait for Beta keys to be posted before we can play but are they posted on these forums or somewhere else? I only ask because I could not find a thread that answered my question. Everyone just says to wait until he posts more. I just don’t want to miss out on my chance because I was looking in the wrong place. don’t freak out on me or Ban me, I understand we have to wait for more, just want to know where to look that’s all.

If you sign up for Gold it’s been said that Garry posts keys in the gold forums from time to time. Even then, no guarentees you will get one being as they are first come first serve and a ton of people want to play.

He just posted keys 4 hours ago in the gold forum fyi. I can’t say for certain if he’ll ever post more again but it seems the best chance to get keys is to buy gold membership and lurk his thread in the GMF: