Where are Pointshop Models?

Click the dumb button as much as you want, but where are the models for the pointshop stored? I’ve searched endlessly in the GMOD folder and I can not find them. I’ve done a computer wide search for things like w_357.mdl and haven’t come up with anything and yet they show up in pointshop.

ITEM.Model = 'models/weapons/w_357.mdl'

They’re in the garrysmod/models/weapons/w_357.mdl folder or your download(s) folder.

If it’s on a hosted server then chances are it’s in a shared resource space which you don’t have access to.


They are in your Garrysmod vpk. Which is located in the Garrysmod/Garrysmod dir and can be opened with GCFScape.

  1. Computer’s download folder or GMOD
    2.I don’t have the models folder in my gmod directory.

it’s in garrysmod/models


You can rate me dumb all you want. That is where the files are located.

no, the files are located in garrysmod/models.

You can try to ‘show me up’ again if you’re really that thick but good luck trying to use vpks in the addon structure.

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Like seriously, who packs their stuff as VPKs? Absolutely no one.

He was asking for the default pointshop models, like the HL2 magnum. Not custom ones that are downloaded.

I know. They’re still stored in the virtual directory of garrysmod/models though. There isn’t a way you can really “reference” the vpk. Any model, default, workshop, or downloaded, is stored in garrysmod/models. Same with sounds, materials, scripts, and LUA files.

Yes, but he was asking for the direct location, which was in the VPK. If he wanted a virtual directory, then the pointshop code already provides it.

Why would he need the direct location? Does he want to make a retexture or something? Not very relevant to pointshop.

I think he was just curious since it wasn’t in the normal garrysmod/models folder.