Where are the admins

Have not seen one single admin on the official servers. The hacking is rampant and out of controlled. All the things the devs promised they have yet to deliver. I know this just an alpha game but geez there needs to be a bit more control over the game. I have not heard of single person getting banned for hacking. And the devs? They’re at some convention or something drinking it up having a good old time with valve talking about how much money they’re going to make. this game is a joke in it’s present form. Bad graphics, poor poor performance, and a player base full of kids running bad code and ruining what could have been a good game. Worst $20 I spent.

Find another server. I hear there’s like at least two or three more.

Not to downplay hacking, but would you rather be miserable on an official server or actually play on a community server?

i’m sorry your purchase of an incomplete and WIP game didn’t match to your expectations of a finished product lol.

and what are you talking about with the devs never delivering on their promises or no hackers ever being banned?? are you reading the official blog website? I really don’t think you are because literally their last post was telling people about how a 2nd wave of vac bans was just sent out and that they’ve banned over a thousand people.

Has a single “false ban” been reversed?

To be fair, I think the resources that are being spent on game additions should instead be used on resolving game stopping issues like this one and others, and giving the admins better abilities/tools to deal with their servers and the cheaters.

I’ve been running a fairly popular 75-100 average player server and this one hit the server so hard that I’m now going to go whitelist only until the hacking settles down. I don’t see another way at this point.

It’s Alpha, agreed - give us daily small updates to fix stuff like this up.

I’m sure they ARE working on those things, but this is a very early stage game. Just because it isn’t there now doesn’t mean it isn’t coming down the road.

Look I know it’s a early alpha game still under development but as it is right now this game is unplayable. You log in spawn and in 5 mins your dead for no apparent reason and people are flying over your head. If like they said 1000’s of people have been banned there’s no evidence of that really having been done. If they did ban a bunch of people then they a lot more problems than they realize. This game could be great but right now it’s just a bunch of naked guys running around with rocks dying for no reason.

That happens sometimes in alphas.

1000 people banned= up to a total of $29,990usd in new revenue if every hacker re-buys. At least 75% of them will.

Disable fall damage, mass suicide hack fixed.

Once upon a time, ski_me was born due to a broken condom. Worst $5 they (your parents) have ever spent.

You do know that this game is in alpha which anything can happen. Oh you dont know. Defective unit. ^