Where are the all the resources?

My 6 Friends and I are in a giant field all have spread out and traveled for 5mins each and only one person found a pile of wood.

What happened to the game? a few days ago there was resources everywhere.

The place is secluded dont know if that has anything to do with it.

I’m new and can never find animals, fun ass game but hunger is always an issue for me currently.
Haven’t found much resources, but haven’t played a lot.

Well, to be honest. its very fun once you get past the stage 1

stage 1 - the point where u first spawn and have nothing. you are almost garenteed to die unless you are in a group. the reason is not because its hard to find anything, but because people with MORE will always just take what you have. since the wipe i’ve been killed more then 50 times by people with shotguns,
m4’s or whatever. what do they get? like 20-50 wood maybe some ore if they get lucky.

The game needs to find a way to penalize people who just farm people who have nothing because i have had 3 friends quit already saying there’s no point since we’re just feeding the people with the most gear. aka: the people who play the most either with time or a few friends.

why didn’t we group? you might ask. well they dont know the world at all yet and can’t stay alive for more then 10-25 mins at a time as people with guns just mow them down taunt them with V and move on.

a couple ways to penalize -

stop them from killing someone who has just spawned unless they are attacked by that person (they kill one person (who just spawned) and can’t kill another (unless attacked) for an hour or whatever time) This stops people from dieing when there house is being raided(if they have more then 1 sleeping bag ) and just being invincible.

give them a debuff that can’t go away unless they wait time. (killing someone (who just spawned) puts a “murderer debuff” on them) making them take a damage tick person second or take more damage or whatever. again unless attacked by that person

fairly easy ways to go that don’t penalize A LOT but still lets people who are just starting are somewhat protected to a degree

I played this game for a week now and after the latest patch you cant find anything around

Yeah i hate it… i hope they patch that … -.-…

i’m sure the world just isn’t populated yet.

they put the resourcses and animals in a few specific areas to test them and the game mechanics. when it goes live i’m sure there’ll be a lot more of it to go around but also there will be more people.

the world is HUGE but since 80% of it has nothing cept maybe trees no one goes there.

Bought the game yesterday morning.
Played for 10 hours to find enough wood for my first 6*6 building AFTER 10 HOURS.
Got ganged when I tryed to bring the last 500 wood to my shelter.
Same gang then raided me (and my friends) and stole everythink. Now we are at 0 again … after 10 hours of farming like mad!

No point to further play/suport this game if it stays this way. Wasted 19€.

I’ve also noticed that. It seems like resources are sparse…and they do not respawn as quickly.

Major issue with loot not respawning. Waiting over 30 mins last night before our group resorted to chopping trees.