Where are the Burn sounds loated?

The funny noise your character makes when he’s on fire, and sounds like it?


I looked there. I was looking for the noise when your player bursts into flames.

Download GCFScape from Nem’s Tools and browse the .gcf files for it.


ooh. i have gcfscape!
i can do that!!


are these in the game directories or in the GCF files?

They are in “source sounds.gcf”. You can play them with the command “play player/pl_burnpain1.wav”.

With Lua:


Well seems someone found them for you this time but next time yeah use GCFScape it is a great way to find sound and model paths. :slight_smile:

This aint lua!

Have you perhaps thought that this may be needed for the OP to write an Lua script?

Yes, but this specific question isnt!.

It’s lua related and it’s solved, so shut up.

Is there any way to change them? I have other files I would like to replace it with.

Just overwrite it!

how? do i just drag-and-drop the files i want? i wanna replace the first burnpain with “I do believe i’m on fire”, but It wont i dont know how to swap the files around.

U gotta make a folder in the steamapps/ur name/garrysmod/garrysmod that corresponds to the one where you found the files in the gfc and then place the sound replacements there


and this isnt about lua, is it

i thought i was related to lua at the time…

If you are struggling to figure out how to overwrite files in the GCF’s then i’m surprised that your even attempting Lua coding.

he isn’t, he just wanted to change the sound and tought that lua is about sound

actually, i thought the script to play the sound was lua, and i wanted to change that.