Where are the 'Friday Features'?

I’m dying of boredom waiting for content -_____-
First it was Thursday Patch, so I thought they were following suite with blizzard, doing patches on Thursday.
Now I thought it’s been changed to Friday Features, nothing so far.
been looking at Trello, another card expires at 3pm PST, hopefully the update hits then.
If not, I spotted another one that expires at 10pm PST, I hope it doesn’t come out that late.
But if so, whatever, at least it was here by the end of the day.

Lol, I’m just anxious to see what they replace the zombies with.

Go farm resources kid, and be patient.

That gets boreing when you have 300+ hours.
It would be nice if there were higher tiers of equipment :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a life kid, and get a noose.

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Wow You Sir Need to Chill Out man

Get a life kid

Patches come when they are ready, Facepunch does not operate on a set schedule, per se.

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Quit shitting up the thread with useless responses.

Man some people are douches on here lol. But apparently no update today. https://twitter.com/playrust

Says the kid that sits on facepunch forums all day saying stupid crap, guess what?

Get a life kid.

This isnt infestation guys… they dont simply port things from their old game, these guys actually are, you know, developing a game. It takes time and effort for things to happen. just be patient.

also naptune, might wanna get a new line bud. you used “get a life kid” twice in a row, may want to expand that vocab.

edit: i lied. 3 times in a row for the same line. kinda sad really

Lol if you look at his post history VERY few of the posts aren’t some form of shitposting :v:

do you want a reward kid? do you feel like inspector gadget?

why haven’t you been banned yet?

yup you are correct. other than a few posts most are shit-disturbing comments lol.

Edit: jab i wonder the same thing… it will make me smile seeing that big red banner under his name.

Just report him and move on, chances are he is just here to derail the thread.

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Anyways, on topic, if you check the trello, there isn’t much content in “next version,” so I wouldn’t expect an immediate upcoming update, maybe in a couple days after those remaining deadlines go stale.

That will be happening soon, methinks.

why haven’t you been beaten by your parents yet?

Edit: Oh wait you have

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Im actually here to derail your stupid comments you make on every thread.

Honestly opening the dev goals up to the community seem like its been more of a curse than a blessing. People spend all of their time complaining about the things they “know” about the posted features (when there’s almost no details). People demanding updates because of it might be the tipping point if it were me.

Huzzah! Faggot banned! Also, where was this update mentioned besides the time limits on the Trello cards? I was hearing a bunch of people talking about the update today in game but I hadn’t seen any official posts beyond the Trello cards.

It isn’t. As the playrust.com status update says, they were TRYING to do weekly updates but not really succeeding.