Where are the HL2: Episode 2 map VMF's?

I don’t have VMex anymore, I’ve reinstalled two Operating System’s and a new computer since then.

I think there was a thread on how to get the map VMF’s without having to use VMex.

How do I go about doing so? I wish to try something in hammer including the start of Episode 2 and the Jalopy chapter.

I have searched, I’ve searched around 5 times now, and I’m only seeing threads dating back to very early 2009, start-mid-end of 2008, surprisingly more 2006 threads than 2007, etc nothing has turned up.

Are the VMF’s hidden in GFCscape? Because GFCscape has it’s abilities to hide stuff from normal folders.

…Why not just decompile it?


It’s not like you can’t download VMex again.

What is so hard about reinstalling vmex?



Doesn’t VMex ruin the quality?

Isn’t that why one of the main reasons people hate it? (note that I said ‘one of the main reasons’, not ‘the main reason’)

I haven’t mentioned about reinstalling VMex. I just mentioned I haven’t had it since 2 OS’ and a computer ago.

VMEX doesn’t ruin decompiled maps, the VBSP format does. When you compile a map, backfaces are deleted. Any decompiler has to simply guess what shape the brushes are because half of the sides in a brush no longer exist. You also have smaller issues with stuff like areaportals not decompiling properly and func_details no longer being grouped.

Just reinstall Vmex. It’ll get basics down.