Where are the kill icons located?

Where are the kill icons located? I’ve looked all over.


hmm…ttf…any idea how to make kill icons?

You could draw them yourself.

but, with what? Gimp? do they have to be TGA? I have no idea how to do that.

They need to be VTF.

What should be written in the VTF file, among the picture?

Make a TGA.

Convert to VTF with VTFEdit.

Make a VMT for it (just copy a standard one from another image and fix the name and path values).

Or use the built-in feature in VTFEdit that creates the VMT for you.

That too. I always look for VMTs of similar-purpose images so I’m sure I’m doing it right.

ttf is a font type you know. Anyway I’ve just made such a killicon yesterday. To draw it use the weapon selection swep hook.