Where are the .mdl files?

Alright so, I decided to start playing Garry’s Mod again and I’m very much aware at how fast this game and it’s folders/files tend to change and move around. That being said my issue is thus. I’ve been wanting to spawn in some custom npc groups and using these groups requires me to enter in a <npc name>.mdl reference to spawn that specific npc. Problem is I used to be able to open up the model folder in the garrysmod directory and look them up. Now it’s as if they don’t exist at all. I know it’s pulling the reference from somewhere because the default is the civlian male_07.mdl and that seems to work fine. If someone could lend me a hand by directing me to the right place I’d appreciate it

Thanks in advance.

Two options for you

In the Spawn Menu on the left hand list with all the categories, scroll down to the bottom and go into: Browse > All Games > Half-Life 2 or whichever game you want a model from

When you find your model just right click and select copy to clipboard and Ctrl+V it into place

If you want to do it outside of the game you can download GCFscape which will let you open and extract .gcf and .vpk files which contain the game contents in SteamApps/Common/blabla

No luck, I just find random entities. And for the ones that do show up don’t work when I put them into the console ie. npcg_custom_model_rebel models/humans/group01/odstcqb.mdl (which is what it was listed as in the folder in game) does not work. Really all I need is to find the folder(s) where it lists the .mdl files so I can input them in game and have the npc groups tool spawn them in. The program you mentioned doesn’t pick up .mdl file types.


GCFscape does “pick up” .mdl file types. You need to open the right package file. Most of Valve’s games have the models and materials in separate packages.

For Half-Life 2: SteamApps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2**hl2_misc_dir.vpk **and theres a models folder in there containing most if not all the games models.