Where are the missing hats!?

I recently got Garrys mod and am having a blast with it. I found the folders containg all the hats and weapons from Team Fortress 2, I also downloaded the “Bone merger” tool to easily put the hats on the ragdolls.

I did notice something strange though…

it seems some all class hats are not in the hats folder…

Seal mask, The Gibus uppgrades, Pumpkin hat, Eye hat, Full Head of Steam, Deus Specs, License to Maim and nanobalaclava to name most of them… (nanobalacalva is spy only, but was inteded to be all-class)

I have seen people using these on tons of videos on Youtube, so I know you can spawn them, I just dont know how to :C

Could anyone help me out, how do you spawn these things!?

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Help meeee ;C

Have you… ever tried using the “Browse” tool? Because the hats and models from the updates don’t get into the Team Fortress 2’s spawnlist (It seems to be a very old version, because it comes with a completely worthless “w_models/weapons/w_bottle_broken.mdl” which is gone because the broken bottle became a bodygroup later for less memory and RAM usage)

In Swedish/På svenska: Har du… någonsin provat “Bläddra” verktyget? Eftersom mössorna och modellerna från TFs uppdateringar sätts inte in i TF2s spawnlista (Det verkar vara en väldigt gammal version av spawnlistan, för att den innehåller en helt oanvändbar “w_models/weapons/w_bottle_broken.mdl” som togs bort för att den sönderkrossade flaskan blev till en “bodygroup” efteråt för att använda mindre minne och RAM)

Yes, I use the browse list. It contains all the new hats, even the one that got added last week and yet I cant find the mentioned hats in it :S

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hey, see if you can find them!

If you do, tell me where you found it and/or tell me the model name :smiley: