Where Are The Murderers? Part 3

Happy New Year, now here’s some MURDER!

Part 1
Part 2


Who will get him? Place your bets now!

This is awesome. I say the guy will kill him.

Wow nice. I bet laslow will get him.

damn this great i don’t care who wins aslong as its bloody like hell

Yep Yep More. :smiley:

Excellent series. I forgot it existed, but it is an excellent series.

Epic :open_mouth:

I’d say it’s a tie!

they will both get him in (if not the same) different places and he’ll die :smiley:

Really good comic by the way :slight_smile:

lol, gman.

Has a very good Dexter feel to it. Can’t wait for more.

I’ve been waiting for the next part of this series. Didn’t disappoint. :smiley:

that awesome, And my money is on the girl.

Very nice, love how unique all of your comics are

It’s going to be a tie, they’ll both have him at gun point in the center and he’ll be like: “Impressive” and she’ll be like: “This was child’s play”.


Nice comic. Wish they didn’t take so long to make though.

Dexter anyone?:smiley:

Dude, make the 4th one… NOW!

I’m betting they’ll have this romantic moment were they both pull the trigger. :smiley:

Haz-Life, excellent work. Hope to see more in the future.

I don’t like this series. There’s just something with it that I don’t like, but I can’t quite put words into what it is.

How very Saw-esque

Damn I forgot about how awesome your comics are. Must have more.