Where Are The Murderers: Part 5

Boo! Its Zombie HazLife, back from the dead once again to deliver another comic.

Sorry for the long period of inactivity, I had a real life for two months, then all my friends from uni went home and I got bored enough to make comics again.

Combat Platform Zero is dropped, if anyone still cared.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Also, a warning in advance - the next two episodes of this series aren’t an official part of the storyline, so don’t take them too seriously.

nice to see your not dead, great comic as always, liked the Ace Attorney bit at the end

Another great one, keep 'em coming.

Awesome comic, but I’d advise you to use the ingame muzzleflash though. And the blood is way to bright.
Other than that this comic was ace.

And then gman kills them right?


that was freaking awesome

Just read the entire series, great stuff.

Nice , i though they would still be undetected by the good guys that they are evil.

awesome stuff there

Fuck yeah, love the series

Hallelujah, the next comic’s out.

Good job mister Haz Life!

Haz, always a pleasure…

I am trying to read the first and last page but I keep getting this error about Anti-Sec or something. But what I read so far was nice.

I expected epic, and epic it was.
.krow eciN

Great stuff as always, but your posing was starting to be a bit off near the end.

Becoming more and more like dexter with every episode, loved it all :slight_smile:

It’s back YAAAAY!!! Love this episode and love the series!!

Way to be awesome. Loved it.