Where Are The Murderers: Part 6

I’m making comics and I’m still alive…
Still alive… Still alive…

Anyway, sorry for the long absence, blame it on my Xbox, it was just too addictive.
But now I’m finally back, and aiming to finish this series so I can begin work on Braneworlds, my next project.
Next episode of this will be the last, and probably won’t be very long. There’s not much left to cover.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Another awesome installment, kudos to you Mr. HazLife.

I just love your comics.

Keep up the great work.

Good job man. I’m loving the edit and story.

I didn’t think you were that close to finishing…well done haz, you’ve once again proven yourself.

You’re really alive?
Can’t believe it.
Nice job.

Nice work haz, really can’t wait to see the final part.

The thing I like most about this series is the posing and the dialogue with the characters. Nice job Haz.

that was just freaking great keep it up haz

Awesome job mate, looking forward to more of your awesomeness

Wow. 2 FP comic makers I’ve thought long dead have come back, and one of them with another excellent piece of work.

The Hell, when did you release Part 5? Anyways, really awesome stuff.

its too cool im going to go insane if you dont finish it soon

Brilliant as always

Can’t you continue this one instead? This one is very interesting, and it does already have a good story etc.

I can’t do that for reasons which will become apparent.
I did have a vauge idea for a follow up called Where are the Assassins?, but it didn’t really have any connection to this series.
Rather than the Half Life universe, it was going to be set in a parallel universe with a fantasy theme. It still had the same two characters, but they were alternate versions from that universe.

Since Braneworlds is also about parallel universes, I was only going to make one of them, and since I’ve been planning BW for nearly a year, it has a far more intricate story than this.

holy crap i forgot about this, still good

plz update

AMAZING keep em coming

You sound almost like a film maker :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, as sad as I’ll be to see this go, I’ll look forward to and expect great things from this new project.