Where Are The Murderers: Part 7 (Final)

It’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve released anything, but that’s nothing new for me.
My excuse this time is university life, which fills most of my free time with partying.

Anyway, here’s the final episode of WATM, for those with memories good enough to remember the story so far.

Strangely, I had originally intended for the series to end with them killing each other, but as I was working on it, the story changed to its current conclusion. I’m not particularly sure why, maybe it was just more convenient this way.

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Part 2
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With that out of the way, I’ll be moving on to my next project. “Braneworlds” A science fiction tale of parallel universes, quantum angels, demonic bioweapons, cyborg valkyries, and a 1950’s private investigator.

Also, cookie for the reference…


Classic HL ending…Mr. Freeman disagrees…BAM! horde of Alien Grunts.

Though from what you’ve told me, I am highly anticipating “Braneworlds”.

Have a colour palate


It was alright…but i am very dissapointed they didn’t die.

I left the ending open to interpretation. If you want to assume they’re killed by the antlion horde then you can.

Night at the Roxbury What is love reference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etEQz7NYSLg&feature=related

I would like my cookie now plz :smiley:

They should create movies of your comics, they are truelly, beautifully written and more than excellent made!

Right you are, sir. Have a cookie.

That’s it!? It’s over!? Damn…Gonna miss it.

I started watching the GIF with What is Love? playing… :v:

Very artistic series, pretty good work. palette.

I am disappointed that you didn’t show them getting torn to pieces.

This one was pretty bad in my opinion, the dialouge is cheesy and I could tell what was going to happen immediately.

interesting ending wish it lasted longer cause it was a great story

I liked the whole series, had an interesting story.

Liked the dialog. Good ending.

Interesting indeed, the ending felt a little bit anti-climatic of what it could’ve been. I was expecting ATLEAST one antlion guard when I saw the little one’s.

I’m surprised how short of a series this was. I didn’t really like this type of cliffhanger to end it, but it was still an okay comic.


God man fucking awesome shit right there

Shame It’s the last episode though D:

Glad to see you’re making comics again, I’m about to start up again myself, I have a bunch of kick-ass ideas floating around in head. Hey do you know if theres a way to get GMOD v9?