Where are the normal L4D 2 infected?

Is there any model packs out for the non-special infected in L4D 2?

No. GMOD doesn’t support L4D2 engine. If Garry makes L4D2-engines support for GMOD, then we can use them.

It’s just a different shader. All you need someone to do is port the shader over to Gmod, then you’ll be able to use them.

awsome! someone please let’s get started…

They ported the special infected and props from the environment including the survivors. I appreciate the responses but you people say that everytime.

The Special Infected/Survivors/World Props have a fixed appearance, i.e they don’t change.

The common infected hav a bunch of special randomisation code so there isn’t actual individual models for them as there’s something like ten million combinations.

You say that now but in the near future someone will port the normal infected to GMOD. Watch.

I doubt it. Someone managed to port the L4D1 to Gmod but only because there were far fewer combinations.

The L4D2 infected also use some funky colour algorithm which means textures wouldn’t work in older versions of Source.

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ANyways. The way I look at it. The models can be added to GMOD. They are not impossible. Porting them to GMOD is possible. Even if it’s hard to do, it can be done. You did answer my question and I appreciate that(Corky). I am entitled to debate further over the matter as I created this discussion. I understand your stand point but I believe it’s still possible even if the engine is different and the qualities are randomized the individual models and pieces are intact and they can likely be tact together to make their former models. I may not be an expert but I really don’t see why not.

Exactly. You aren’t an expert in the subject, and you don’t understand that it can’t be done. The L4D2 common infected are implemented in a way that the Source 07 engine simply does not support. Think of it as trying to use Doom 3 models in Doom 2. The engine doesn’t work with it.


It really is impossible.

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