Where are the official experimental servers?

There’re off for a few h already.

There is a bug right now when using the -batchmode switch. The server crashes at start. I removed it, and mine is up. (v1420)

The silver lining? If I don’t use batchmode, I get a nifty dashboard!

Are they aware of that?

No words,no nothing.

Yes, they are aware. At least I would think so as there have been multiple bug reports on the site.

Any response from their side?

Not that I have seen, no.


I’ve been reporting this since build 1414

vote it up here


Would be perfect if someone will bump this thread if its fixed.

they tend to just fix it rather than tell us they are fixing it in every forum thread that comes up. upvote the bug report and wait for future updates. keep an eye on twitter updates.

there have been heaps of bugs squashed over the last 6 months, give them time.

and if u are not on the experimental beta tab in steam i believe it still works with batchmode… and officials from what the masses were telling me today on my server that it is up just not updated :stuck_out_tongue: never checked myself by opting out of beta experimental mainly cause im here totest the new stuff and have a server allways up to date, Necre :stuck_out_tongue:

A few new community servers are up,but not the official ones.


As I said in another thread and on the bug report.
This bug impacts the game host providers, that is why there are not nearly as many servers showing up, including the official servers.
In the game host provider environment, they can’t run without batchmdoe due to resource limitations.

Seems you can get a functioning version of Rust Dedicated server. You have to delete everything except your world (Release/server folder for me). Then remove “-beta experimental” from your SteamCMD line. This will give you v1394.

So this problem is now being addressed so it should be sorted soon
If you check the link to the bug above it’s confirmed and Garry is currently sorting it out :slight_smile: