Where are the official servers?

Where are the official servers? I can only see 4 out of like 20… Are they going to be down until the update sometimes this week?

No one knows

maybe they are getting DDOSS’d so bad they can’t stay up or show they are active… who knows… I wouldn’t play on officials anyway because there’s not always admins on to ban hackers that get past the system… go find a good private server.

I only see 4 also. I can tell you from a couple of hours experience on one of then though… If you don’t like getting aim bot killed by a hacker several times a day, probably better to stick with a community server.

I don’t mind playing on the official servers because there is always a fresh supply of new players to help. I just wish that the official servers were more powerful to actually accommodate the influx of players, actively maintained(No huge down times like this. At least keep people updated as to why they are down), and had some DDOS protection.

Check your Steam preferences for Rust. Under the Beta tab, you will see a drop down menu. Make sure you have Opt Out selected. Restart rust.

Apparently, some people have been setting this to yes, But it severely limits the servers you see because these are pre update release servers. These servers test the updates before they go out to all servers.

No. I don’t have the beta on.