Where are the playermodel .vtx's?

Okay. I’ve been searching the internet and Facepunch for a few days now, and haven’t found an answer. My problem is, that even though there are the .mdl and the .phy -files, there are no .vtx or .vvd in “garrysmod content.gcf”. The files are, as far as I know, required for the models to work when hexed. So, could anyone please tell me, where I could find these files? The models in question are all the citizen models in models/player/Group01.

Two hours and no answers? Seriously, there are people here, who know. There MUST be. :stuck_out_tongue:

It probably hooks them from HL2:DM.
But you can take a normal citizen .vtx and .vvd and place it there.

I’ve done it before, works fine.