Where are the windows for window frames?

I know we can use doors atm but i am more curious to know when the actual window is coming into game.
Shouldn’t be too hard to make a smaller version of the door to fit in the window frame.

just put a door there =)

True, shouldn’t be so hard to make it. It is small things like this that makes the game better :slight_smile:

Honestly a window like that would be a bit OP I believe. You get headshoted then you just move on the side and heal, then peek again? I like how you have to create a good way point on the top of your house to shot from but at least the enemy knows where you will peek. If there was windows, peek from 1 and attack from another 1 every time.

Sorry to say that but when did the game become about fairness ? (not saying you are wrong btw)

I don’t understand how your definition of placeable, openable windows is op compared to doors. It sounds like your saying our wooden windows frames we have are op. Can you explain this in detail?

Well I imagine in a real rust scenario and your building a house you have the choice to build a window or not.
So not putting then in for being op seems a bit of a silly thing to think.

Most players don’t use the current windows because they can’t be closed. If you give them that option, they will be used therefore OP for the reason stated above.

On the other hand if someones shows himself by an open door you see his whole body which is a different story.

An alternative to windows would be nice, like an arrow slit where it allows you to see/shoot out but doesn’t allow access.


That is freaking OP man! :smiley:

Imagine if you use the new bow that they are about to finish: MEDIEVAL WARS, BIATCH! :smiley:

nuff joking, cheers!

I really wouldn’t mind that, if they added some form of blocking to melee combat and a way to line up bow shots.

Wait… so your saying his window idea is op when it is nothing more than a more cosmetically pleasing door? So in your opinion, do you find doors in front of windows and the windows he wants added both op?

Yes, that is exactly my point, doors should only be allowed on doorways. imo ofc.

Thanks for explaining, I see your logic. Although personally I cosmetically love the idea of windows and don’t find the issues you have with them op enough to remove them.

In a case were doors couldn’t be placed on windows, I guess a person would just have to make a fortified entrance leading to the outer window to compensate.