Where are TTT gun models stored

Where are the models stored so I can change them?

I believe they call the default models from CS:S. You’ll probably need to write a script to either detour the gamemode to use different defaults, or disable the default weapons and cobble together your own.

I deleted CS:S and the models were still there, but after downloading the ••••••••• version and replacing them there, only spectator deathmatch models were changed.

You told about spec dm so i think that you possibly talk about custom ttt weapons. Can you open lua of any weapon and show us any of mdls’ path? (WorldModel for example)

replace v_ with c_

I’m not talking about custom weapons, I’m just saying that downloading the models and changing them only affected Spec DM, but not the main game for some reason, so I think the models are stored somewhere else, but where?

They aren’t. I don’t know about whatever custom models Spec DM has, but TTT uses the vanilla Counter Strike weapon models. To change them, your best bet would be to change the model’s path in the weapons’ Lua files, or to create new weapons and remove the old ones.

As i said before - CHANGE YOUR MODEL NAMES FROM v_* to c_*

But aren’t lua files loaded from the server?


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