"Where are you Commander.." Collectors searching.


Praetorians really are a bitch to fight (for those that do not play Mass Effect 2)

I should have added emitters to make the scene a little more full but, oh well.

Make this a Last Stand contribution.

You could of put something in the sky space behind them.

like a city.

or a bird.

or batman.

your supposed to post the enrtry in the thread mang hehehehe

But I did. :I

Commander Francis he goes on record of hating almost everything but is a damn good fighter.

wy u post it here two i dont understad :confused:

Or superman!!

Nice picture, good angle, and francis sepherd is nice.

Nice work, Francis fits as Shepard.

Not too sure about the glow on the Praetorian’s legs

Why do you keep using soldier models headhacked with L4D characters


I mean really, it’s starting to get a bit old.

This should have been called “I Hate Praetorians”

No. I’d rather see thousand of pics with L4D heads than thousand of pics of HL2 citizens’ head.
Anyway sweet job, Shepard is going to kick their ass.

they have the most detail and best range of emotion of any source model i can think of

“I am Commander Francis and this is my favorite vest in the universe.”

Where did the nitpicking about the ‘this should not have it’s own thread’ come from.

Sergeyev I assume.