where are you going, granddaughter?


That mans head looks kinda small.

That way it can fit easier into stuff.

Danik’s still butthurt over Faraon rating his things dumb?

the faceposing is incredible

This one is the best one of yours imo I laughed really hard.

I always wonder how Faraon’s stuff get more comments and rates than most of other people good things.
Whatever. This one is pretty much funny because of the faceposing.

Good stuff get’s positive views and comments.

Wow fararon actually rated me

oh god this is so disturbing lol

Run Zoey, ****ing run!

Considering the stupid shit I see on a daily basis, I can find this considerably easy to jerk it to.

I can see this as being a wacky ABC sitcom. “Zoey and the Bear” One season tops.

Unhealthy cubemap obsession