"Where are you taking my daughter?!"

Inspired by the ending of Conviction because I’ve played that level multiple times as stress release.

I ended up fucking up with the lighting because I had an idea in mind but on my way to getting there it got messed up. It’s “mostly” there but not the way I envisioned.


Backstory - Sam Fisher in Half-Life 2 universe. Basically an uber rebel whose daughter ended up “getting in trouble” (Wrong place at the wrong time, basically. You know how Civil Protection is.) and was dragged off to Nova Prospekt. Fisher doesn’t know where she was taken though so he infiltrated a CP building and is interrigating him. I tried to go for a similar camera angle that you might find in Conviction.

his hair looks perty

Awesome lighting, terrible contrast.

I know. That’s the problem I had, trying to get the lighting just right without making everything too hard to see.