Where can I download Garry's Mod 9 (PLEASE READ FIRST)?

Yes, I am well aware that GMod 9 is no longer supported. Yes, I’m aware that no one uses it anymore, and yes, I’m aware that it’s probably not a good idea to try multiplayer.

Here’s the problem. Steam is in offline mode at the moment, and will remain that way because of my idiotic network administrators. So that means no Garry’s Mod because it won’t let you play that offline for some reason…

Can anyone provide me a download to GMod 9? I don’t know which one to download when I search for it on Google.

Garry’s Mod 9 doesn’t work at all any more.

Yeah Garry’s Mod 9 doesn’t work with the current Half Life 2, it ruined most modifications and unfortunately, GMOD was on the list…

Aww…fuck. Thanks anyway.

Can’t you modify the gameinfo.txt or something? I know that saved SMOD Redux for me.

Maybe i don’t understand you well, but gmod works in offline mode… for me. Only solo, for sure.

**Get Garrysmod 10 **

I can’t say for sure if it’s completely broken but there was this one Dutch site that had all of them from 1 to 9 and all versions of each. I remember just running it through Google Translate to find what I needed.

Double post:Ignore this

You’re an idiot.

To the not-idiots, I just downloaded GMod off Steam (inside McDonald’s for 2 hours…never do that) and tried offline mode. Didn’t start at all (yes, I started it once while online.). Thanks for the help, guys.

Wait, have you switched Steam to run in offline mode? If you haven’t it will not load.

Yup. Restarted steam in offline mode, double-click garry’s mod, “This game is not available in offline mode” or something like that.


You just gotta launch it in online mode one time before it can work in offline mode. :wink:

Still didn’t work.