Where can I download Gmod 10?

I can’t seem to find it anywhere; where is the page from which I can download Gmod 10?

Garry’s Mod 10/11/12 whatever is only available through Steam.

If I just downloaded from Steam today, do I already have it?


If I downloaded Garry’s Mod from Steam, do I automatically have the latest version (i.e., Gmod 12 or whatever)?



Did I mention you have to buy it

Thanks! Just two more questions:

  1. I saw a guy in a vehicle, but everything on the vehicle was ‘‘error’’ and the wheels were spinning errors. There was a lot there like this. Do I need to download something, or is this from a game I do not have (i.e., Episode 2)?

  2. Are there Striders I can place on the map? If so, how do I place them? I couldn’t find them under ‘‘NPCs’’.

  1. Get PHX and Wiremod.

  2. Enable console and type “give npc_strider”

  1. Could be both, there’s popular model packs like PHX that contain lots of models that servers use. But yeah, a missing game is also possible.

  2. Don’t know anything about that, if they’re not in the NPC tab they’re probably not scripted.

Steam or garrysmod.org. It’s atleast $10. :v:

Hope this helped. :zoid:

PHX and wiremod from http://www.glua.net

Exactly he clearly misses a game.
Because he talks about vehicles which are most commonly used CS:S and HL2 entities. (right?! :P)

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