Where can i download gmod minigame?

sorry if this sounds dumb. but, i’ve been trying to find gmod minigame for awhile but i cant find it.
so, if you know where do download or what to do. please do reply as i needed it to play with my friends.
thanks alot!! :smiley:


uh… cant find it.:frowning:

It’s a private gamemode.

ahh. so, i have to make my own minigames?

No its not a private gamemode.

you dont use the mod to make your own MG server.

All you need is the correct settings in server.cfg
And have the minigames votemap system what can be found on this site.

There you go.

i see. i just started gmod recently. so,may i ask what is MG server? and may i know the settings for the minigames?

You won’t find much information on how to do this, since as code_gs said, the gamemode used to have this working is private. Unless you know how to code, this isn’t something you can do over night.

However, some of the mg maps have a lot of the features built into them. For example, mg_simon says only needs a gamemode base with a rounds system and teams function built in. Which I guess isn’t even required if you’re playing with friends.

ahhhh i see… thanks man.

There’s a difference between minigames and a limited Fretta. MG has unique “gamemodes” for every map, and is not just a simple “votemap” system.