Where can I find 3ds max modeling tutorials for gamepads?


I am searching the web for 3ds max tutorials on modeling gamepads or game controllers (like Xbox 360 or PS3 controllers), but I can’t find anything.

So is there any site that has tutorials on gamepads?

Thanks in advance.

Why exactly do you need a tutorial on a game controller? If you want to make one for some reason you could just google for a model.

I want to model one to sell it online. :dance:

Not a chance. If you want to sell models you better do something better than the others. like use less polygons but still have the same amount of detail, or do something that got requested alot but nobody did it yet.

Can you even do basic modelling yet?

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I highly doubt you can’t. you sound like me 3 years ago when I started working with 3D stuff. Improved alot over the years but damn modelling isn’t for everyone.

So you want to sell a model which you slavishly copy from a tutorial?

I like to learn modeling in 3ds max. That’s why I am asking for this tutorial. It’s not because I want to sell a 3d game controller, I just saw that it’s cool to make one with my own hands.

And also I want to learn modelling using blueprints. So I thought I could model this game controller using blueprints.

Yeah. . . okay bud.