Where can I find a colored texture In hammer

Hey, I’m in a bit of a fix here. I need a texture that is just… Red. Is there such thing in the source SDK or do i have to like go download a texture? Someone help me out here
I also need Blue, Green and Yellow :l

Just plain, not even detailed red?

Yeah there’s a red texture, just type in red.

try func_brush and set the colour

I checked, all i get is blood, lasers and crap.

The STALKER Texture Pack has some reddish textures

Tried it with A Dev Texture, it didn’t seem to change at all.


Where would i find this? Btw does it have blue, green and yellow too?

You could make your own, since they’re just colors you could do them on paint.

Might i say that i haven’t the slightest clue how to texture?

If you give me the exact shade of every color u want aka (255 0 255 ect.) I’ll do them for you

Red R255 G0 B0
Blue R0 G0 B255
Green R0 G255 B0
Yellow R0 G255 B255

3klicks has a video on how to make textures.

Fuck videos how to make textures. I have this;

Yes i was just reading that.
However, I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said in your previous thread:


This is a good texture guide. Go do it. Its easy.

I personally think they look terrible but hell it’s what you asked for.


Perfect, Thanks.


Fail, i’m getting purple and black checkerboards :l
I put a folder called Funky in the Materialsrc folder. Inside are all the vmt and vtf files. Wtf?
The path you wrote on each Vmt was Funky/filename or whatever, so i put it in a folder called funky because That’s what im supposed to do… Right?
Full Path

It goes inside of materials not materialsrc.

I’m Testing it now

Lol :hurr: :smiley: