Where can I find a good atmospheric horror map?

That preferibly has a lot of indor areas, and no npcs, screamers, or things like that. Just need to know where I can find one, all the ones on gmod.org are screamers. Any sugestions?

There’s a Silent Hill Deathrun map that might suit your purposes…but I don’t know the name offhand (might be deathrun_silenthill)

The request section is pretty ideal.

Yes but I really only need a link to any atmospheric map scince I need the map by sunday night.

You’re still requesting a map.

Your ass.

Why not play Nightmare House 2? By far the best horror map ever made.

Nightmare House 2 is a mod, not a map.

And the mod is spread out on several different maps.

Holy crap!

Nobody cares!

Gm_apocalypse should do the job.

Who said you couldn’t rip maps from it? You could EASILY port them over to Garry’s Mod. I think a couple people have already.

ttt_shippingcenter_b1 or ttt_digdown_b1