Where can I find a minge-bag player model

I am making a machinima and wanted the good ol’ mingebag player model, like the one used in WOTS.

If you dont know what I mean: http://s3.garrysmod.org/img/dl/51624_3.jpg

The image you linked to was from garrysmod.org, which means it was an image accompanying an addon. Now, it seems unlikely that they’d take a closeup picture of that if it wasn’t related to the addon, so why not see if you can find which addon that picture goes with?

RC Mingebag most likely.

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Ontopic- I think he wants a playermodel, not an RC one. I’d reccomend using PAC, Player Appearance Changer. It’s probably on gmod.org.

The player model you are referring to is the HL2 Kleiner model. And not the player model, but the NPC model (Since it has no necessary animations, you get a gravgun in your groin!)

I suppose someone could export the model from the HL2 / Source Shared Models gcf and hex it?

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Maybe someone can reskinn Kleiner’s coat with a “Mingebag” text on…

The “Mingebag” player model already exists in Garrysmod. The way they did it in WOTS is they set the player’s model to kliener.mdl instead of player/kliender.mdl (Or whatever the specific filepath for the models are). Would be pretty easy to hack up a lua script for this, an even simpler way in SP is too type in console

lua_run Entity(1):SetModel( "kliener.mdl" )

If it sets your model to an error chances are the model path is wrong, but you should be able to find out the proper one in your spawn menu.

Why it works like this is because the player version of the model has all the player animations properly packed and scripted so when a player uses it he’s not T-Posing. You can do this with any model in the game, but if it’s not meant as a player model it won’t have animations.

You would be suprised of the number of addons with unrelated pics for thumbnails.