Where can I find a spy without a cigarrette?

As many know, the default spy skin always has the spy with a cigarette in his mouth. There is no bodygroup to remove said cigarette (Or if there is, I can’t find it on any of the simply magnificent Bodygroup Tools on the Workshop.) So, the question is; What happens when I want my deer spy to, say, remove his cigarette? What if he has a mask? What if he runs out of cigarettes? What if he’s underwater? The answer to this question? He doesn’t actually smoke the cigarettes, since they aren’t actually lit. He simply holds it in his mouth, and, by the end of battle, he has stained teeth, and, sometimes, a very, very soggy smoke. Naturally, I wish to be able to remove this cigarette. There are seperate props for the cigarettes (Although low quality, and they’re actually effects…), but he would look rather stupid to have a cigarette in his hand as well as one in his mouth. He would look like some chain-smoking freak without matches. I also notice that the tips of the cigarettes don’t really glow, and aren’t really bright, so if someone could make those too, that would be nice, but it’s not my main concern. I have only three conditions. The spy must have the same phys file as the default model, so that I can replace it with a custom phys made by the delightful and skilled Nexus_Elite. I also want the spy to have all of the bodygroups of the regular spy, and I also want to bodygroups to automatically update as the default spy’s bodygroups do. I need face-posing, and for the face not to look odd without the cigarette. A separate model would be preferred, but, if you really need to, I could do with a skin-replacement. I always prefer having separate models and props, but I know that sometimes, that would be impossible to do. I have no money to give, and am asking for this from the kindness of my heart. I will let anyone considering this know, though, you would brighten this mans day, and probably make his entire year better. You would also be helping many, many other posers and machinimators.

EDIT One more thing, it has to be bonemerge-able. Just like the regular TF2 models.
Also, if anyone could find that elusive mask-less spy model made by Rebbacus(Or it could have been MaxOfS2D.), you know, the one in the Christmas post-card MaxOfS2D made? If I found that, it would be great. Even if it was HWM shudders.

Use the bodygroup changer to select the Spy and change the bodygroup of the cigarette so it won’t show up anymore.

You can find the tool here:

Or in the workshop… I think.

So no need to redo the model or use some alphas on the textures to make the cigarette dissapear.

Like I said, the cigarette doesn’t disappear with the bodygroup changer. There are many, many skins (Most of them are for masks, but there are also the zombie skins.), and an option to put the mask on and off.

Unless I am mistaken, the bodygroup tool from garrysmod.org no longer works in GMod 13 to my knowledge. Not to mention, but the default Spy model doesn’t have a bodygroup option for the cigarette.

Which is unfortunate. Already, I’ve combed through pages upon pages, looking for a spy without the cigarette. There were HD spies, spy skins, and even one spy with dozens of cigarettes in his mouth, but it appears no one has removed the cigarette. It appears that no one has made a remake of the cigarettes itself, either. The current one, which is merely a shell, is incredibly low quality. However, I know that both the cigaretteless spy, as well as the cigarette itself exist, because one of the backgrounds in the GM13 menu has one… Although I suppose it could have been removed with photoshop… I really should find whoever made this photos and go pester them, instead of pestering all of Facepunch…

Sorry, I probably overred that… it was hard reading the details of your problem though without any breaks in it.

I edited the vmt and the vtf of the spy and made the cigarette invisible.
It wont change anything on the model and you can use your phys files or nexus’ phys.

I hope it helps.

Here is the link: http://fbe.am/fqm

Just for naming the file “Ze non smoking spai”, I love you…

On workshop there is a better, easy bodygroup tool.

Which works for the latest gmod.

I know. I was just pointing out to DMGaina that the garrysmod.org version is dead.