where can i find good rp servers?

the subject says it all, i have looked around a lot and looked at the server list and i cant find one i think would be good, does anyone know a good server that is serious and tolerent to new players?

no where my friend, they dont exist :confused:

that is sad indeed

It would help if you were more specific in what you’re looking for. What kind of experience and theme do you want? How serious do you want it to be?

i want it to be fairly serious half life based with a supportive community

I have created a RP server! But the community is being created.

Here’s the ip:


Being created =/= supportive

thanks, im going to have to wait till after work to go on less than 30 minutes now yay.

Hahahaha ?

Pick 1

HAHA, I laugh at the fact that an RP server can be good.

Where ever an RP server tries to be good, the mingy little kids horde to the server just to ruin it.

more like pick 2:
tolerant to newcomers

More like, pick 2
Ass holes

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Serious RP= elitism, just join a really popular server and get active on the forums/ventro. They should (probably not) integrate you.

lol i have noticed they are kinda stupid little kids. at least on all the random ones i have joined.

It kind-of depends on the type of role-play that you’re looking for.

Real-life role-play?
Half-Life 2 role-play?
Fallout role-play?

There isn’t any.

Gmod RP was born in chaos and it will die in fire, Trust me on this one. It’s always been shit and it will end being shit.

The problem with the DarkRP gamemodes is that you do not have an objective and you have too much freedom. So people who look for gameplay similiar to RPGs wont find them and wont be entertained in the existing gamemodes, Because no one really plays the game the way it’s “meant” to be played. It’s like playing oblivion in multiplayer, you’re bound to have your ass handed to you.

But i think the real problem behind everything is the way how the gamemodes work or is designed, Indie developers who make these gamemodes for more or less public use tend to approach the problem in a completely wrong way. They try to create a free world when in reality they should be looking to create a restricted world. Most of the serious RP servers have prety much done this right, But what they lack is understanding the main elements of entertaining players in such enviroment. And thus you get this really really flat gameplay which is built around grinding using low quality elements. Only a certain type of players enjoy these games.

But it’s not only this, But also the fact that inviduals generally don’t have the time to make a masterpiece for the public. Developing something good takes a lot of time and effort, And to make it just to give it away to the public for free seems pointless. And i agree, It is. And if you can’t do everything yourself or don’t wanna have garry break your shit before its even ready you need to hire people to do things. Some try to get around this by hosting the gamemode themselves and never releasing it, But this isn’t really a solution either because if you don’t go with the forever going grinding type of gameplay which repeats itself you’re never going to get the thing ready, And more importantly you cannot keep the userbase entertained for a very long time, which is basically a suicide to the server.

And now everything that in few words. if you don’t like the gmod RP as-is, then you’re fucked. Because it’s never going to get any better.

Yeah, let’s face it, no matter how much custom shit you add to DarkRP, or how “good” your admins are, there is always going to be the same setup:

  1. Save up money using money printers. Be a theif, medic, or gundealer.

  2. Buy a gun + ammo.

  3. Shoot someone with the gun, get accused of RDM.

  4. Get shot in retaliation or be random arrested by police who pin some stupid charge on you. You loose your gun.

  5. Go out, buy a new gun, repeat.

You can always get rid of money printers and guns, you know. Of course, then people find it too boring…

I find hl2rp to be loads of fun, even though there aren’t guns (for the most part) and money printers everywhere. Most people who play it take it seriously and manage to make it into a good, serious RP.

If you’re looking for a serious DarkRP server, though, you’re fucked.

I played a fallout role play server, they managed to pull it off, serious atmosphere with lots of fun stuff to constantly do. Restrictive role play with open-minded admins who let you pull off fun stuff and in-game factions, it was running Tacoscript 1, iirc it was liveinfear.co.uk, don’t play it anymore though.

I’ve been playing on this server lately and can confirm. Serious, with NO RDM or anything of the nature, and good admins. It takes a longg while to get a working weapon on the server, or you have to make friends with the sheriff or someone with guns, and no one who isn’t serious will spend the time to do that. It works well, lots of fun