Where can I find rp_downtown_v5c_v3_edit6_beta_release2-6_february_deRPedit?

Hellp why can’t no one hellp me! It cant be that hard, there are no too many versions of this map :(((((((((((((( It looks like downtown regular but with 1.5 doors changed and like the best textures ever.

[sp]On a serious note, does anyone know a good, full-sized RP map that doesn’t rely on any game content? Preferably not City12/17/18/1*, OvisCity, EvoCity or Downtown.[/sp]

I only played this map once on Sandbox, but Rockford looks pretty good. It has a small city, a neighborhood around it and some sort of countryside thing going on at the edges.

It does require CSS, though.

And it has sources.

rp_eastcoast is a great looking map. Don’t know if it requires anything though.

Eastcoast is really great, and no dependencies.

I’d kill to see an actively and competently moderated DarkRP on Eastcoast, hit me up if you get off the ground.