where can i find wiremod download

why i can’t find it in garrysmod.org?

You only have 1 post, meaning you actually bothered to registered here just to ask for Wiremod, instead of using Google?

Another link that might be useful is SVN… http://tortoisesvn.net/
Download that and keep it. (A lot of other addons use it too)
The SVN guide in the Google results page should have a tutorial for Wiremod. It’s a little different than the rest, since you have to copy the contents of the SVN’d folder to the higher directory.


I am going to guess that the OP is twelve.

Why insult twelve year olds? Try like, 7.

Benit is twelve I’m guessing.

Maybe it’s an alt made solely to troll the “y no wier on the garrymod.org” demographic.

Its a joke. See you say why insult something that is already considred imature, when someone compares someone or something to such imature thing. To stoop down to your level though. “Soda is twelve for mentioning twelve year olds. I’m guessing”

Agreed, not all 12 year old players of Gmod are idiot mingebags. I’ve had plenty of helpful ones on my RP server.

Its not suppose to be there :doh:

One of those kids again, the op.

google is your best friend