Where can I get DarkRP 2.5.0?! All I can find is 2.4.3 and 2.5.1

I wanted to create another DarkRP server since I had to shut my previous one down and it was 2.5.0, however I wasn’t using Darkrpmodification so the gamemode is all messed up. I can’t find a download for it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get DarkRP 2.5.0? Or if you have it please please upload it somewhere and send me the link. The reason I can’t use 2.5.1 is that it doesn’t work with the addons I want to use and the addons I have bought. 2.4.3 is not supported anymore and I am not sure how to use it - plus not as many addons are compatible with it as 2.5.0.

2.5.1 is the same as 2.5.0 but with an exploit fix as far as I know.

DatkRP 2.5 addons will work with DarkRP 2.5

Addons saying they work on 2.5.0 work on any 2.5.x version.

I have tried DarkRP 2.5.0 addons on DarkRP 2.5.1 and the majority did not work. I have solved this anyway as one of my server admins used to mod DarkRP and had a non-modified version of 2.5.0 so he uploaded it for me.