Where can I get extra Prefabs for HL2/Hammer?

I was looking for some more prefabs to spice up my map and make it more challenging, like add forts enemy tactics,all of the advanced pre-made stuff :confused:

Anyone know where I can get more of these?


The best results come from making it yourself, and you’ll learn too!
Prefabs aren’t very useful most of the time and most people don’t like released maps using them.
But if you really want to, go the the mapping sites page on the Garry’s Mod Wiki.

all of these prefabs sites are down :wink:

only preab source I know is fpsbanana.com

In which case he should just save himself some trouble and make them himself.

download them at www.fpsbanana.com they have loads of them.

wow! thanks guys.

You’re better making them yourself so you know how they work. Using prefabs on a map is like not understanding how car engines work, but installing one yourself and using it anyway. Sure some shady guy in a dark alleyway TELLS you that it works, but where is he when you end up mangled next to a flaming Honda on the motorway. Where was I going with this again?