Where can I get guns?

I need quite a few guns for 3D MAX for a game I am making. I NEED for this game a

Kimber Warrior
Desert Eagle
FN Five-seveN USG
Glock 17
AK-47 Modernized

And with moveable slides, magazines, safteys. ect.
For reload animations and shooting.

And a couple made up guns that look really modern.

I have looked over ALL The internet… and I cannot find them.

BTW the game is mad in unity

Thank you all and have a great day.

Unless you, like, wanna pay royalties to the people who modeled the guns, you might wanna model them up yourself.

Check Larry’s Ultimate Weapon pack.

I agree with with Griffster as those weapons were all made as skins or model replacements for CSS, and they are hexed, they are only World Models, but it’s a start.

Even if they are just world models do they have movable magazines and slides?