Where can i get Hammer from?

I dont have Source SDK Because where i live we pay alot for Internet when the internet is finished u have to buy MORE, SO where can i get hammer from to make maps for GarrysMod?

You get Source SDK from steam.

Otherwise its illegal.

NO how can it be illegal? if ur DOWNLOADING it from steam.

£10 from steam. Fork over.

Oh I did not know.

If you have ANY source game then you can download it from the tools tab on steam.

You have to have atleast one to play garrysmod. Therefore it is in your tools tab.

I bought the Orange Box so will i have it? or have to download it?

Check your tools tab

As stated above, any source game grants you acces to the SDK, and since Orange Box contains several… Hit the tools tab in the Steam window and install it.

Ok lol i never ever looked in there!!!

Damn ninja


Argh, broke my automerge, too!

Wait install it??? dont u have to download it?

Yes, just double click it and it will download and install itself.

Just install it

And don’t release your first map


i need my retinas

Downloading is the same as installing on steam.

But its like 1 gig
oh well i will have to pay my father $4 its R30 over here but for u its $4

Okay and? If its too much memory don’t download it… Nobody is making you.

NO its not to much memory i got lots left, and i wont release it its myne until its good. (that will take long)

Awesome, That is the first step, Don’t release anything that will deter people from your map, and you

OK thnks for all help.