Where can I get ideas/inspiration for a map?

I just want to create some maps, mainly TTT or sandbox just to try it out. Problem is I am stuck on any ideas, I can’t find any inspiration. I want to try make an unique/interesting map, for example maybe some kind of space station or landscape. I’m just terrible at coming up with ideas or finding inspiration, so a bit of help would be appreciated

Instagram is a great place to find inspiration. Lots of accounts that chug out original photos of breathtaking places etc. Pinterest is also great Ive heard, but I don’t use it.

For sci fi stuff you best find some artists that post their stuff on the web. It might take a while to find those tho, but one good blog or portfolio found can bring a lot of good ideas. Also, many talented artists over at the screenshots section make crazy good scene builds for gmod. Those inspired me more than a few times.

On a related note, look up tutorials on how to break down a reference image into important bits and transform them into actual levels. It can help you a lot when analysing images.

A great way I’ve found to map, Is think of one thing you really want an area to have. Then build off from that.

This map for example, I wanted floating ruins


Then here, I wanted a large open atrium

This doesn’t just go for art, but for gameplay too. Like designing a control point around a steep cliff, or having a crossover. Also doesn’t have to be on a per-map basis but a per-area bases.

Go outside if you want real looking stuff.

I live in the middle of nowhere so not really gonna get anything good for inspiration other than lonely houses or forests

Use Google Maps! The way I find inspiration is going to different countries on Google Maps and then using the Street View feature and looking at the houses. It’s a great way to see different places!

Lonely houses and forests look good if you know what you’re doing.

Should be self explanatory, however using google images is one of my tools. Its brings real world places into mind, rather than more art focused images on pinterest and instagram. For example, I look up ‘underground train station’ and get results of real train stations in the US, EU, Asia, etc.

My problem with google images is that its very anglo-centric when searching in english. For example if you look up “forest” you will usually only get images of biomes found in the US or England, which gets very limiting in terms of inspiration.

Also, I don’t think instagram or Pinterest lack non-art images if you search around a bit.
I second using google maps! Cant believe I forgot about that.

For buildings and such, It can help a lot if you understand how these things work in terms of engineering. This is a GREAT resource if you have time to go through it. https://archive.org/details/Structure_and_Architecture_Second_Edition

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I agree also. Sometimes its interesting to recreate the most boring places on earth, if you really commit to it. A map doesn’t have to feature a breathtaking location in order to be visually stunning.

Use google translate and international google sites! For example, say I want to look for Dutch house plans; I translate “house plans” to “huis plannen” and then put that into google.nl.

Don’t worry about grammar or whatever, google’s good at filling in the gaps