Where can I get propcore?

Where i can get propcore?
I just want play GMiner with my friend.
But I can’t build blocks
system send me a lua error( no such ^$&#@%*^# )<—( I forgot )
I remenber this addon need propcore
But i dont know where can i get it
I have try to download UWSVN and install and play singleplayer and test
but still doesn’t works…
can any one help me please?

This Should help you.

That cant help me
because I have read that page before I post this
and I’m from other country and my english very SUCKS
so I dont know what should I do on that page download? read? or something?
If I need to download then… where is the download link O.o?

Propcore should come with GMiner, open the file and put the propcore txt file in addons\wire\lua\entities\gmod_wire_expression2\core\custom

in console, type “wire_expression2_extension_enable propcore”
Problem solved.