Where can I get the server executable?

I understand how to run the server (*) but where do I get said “rust_server.exe”? Every thread I’ve found online is pre-steam release. Do I still need to rent from a hosting service or can I download the server? I apologize in advance if this question comes of as stupid or if I’m missing something. :v:

Currently, the executable is not for download.

How are others hosting their servers? Do they have to pay hosting services? Are there any other ways?

EDIT: Here it says you can use steamcmd like you would other servers but for Rust just by using Rust’s AppID like you would any other game. Is this true?
EDIT 2: Tried it for fun, get an error : “No subscription”. Oh well. Does anyone know when the servers will be public?

And paied server hoster?
Where they got the serverfiles ?

How can i get a suscription to provide rust game server?