Where can i get the Worldcraft/Hammer mapmaking tool?

This is really dumb,as i know,but… seriously its not on my tool’s tab.
If i download it from a random website,for sure it’s outdated,and it will pretty much bring viruses around.
I need a link for the official Steam’s Valve editor.
As,of course i am trying to make a little house,
w/ physics door’s and AI nodes far out.

(dunno how to make them)
Still, i know pretty much of hammer cause i watch tutorials.
If someone could make the map for me.
It would be cool,but i want to learn how to make my own maps,so i don’t make requests about the maps.
Thanks for reading.

do you have any source games on your steam account? you need at least 1 full game to get sdk/hammer

It’s called Source SDK in the list.

You can’t, it’s only for cool people, like me. :razz:

Go to tools and DL the sauce SDK

Are you looking for 3.5 or 4.0?

and Steam is like a steaming pile of shit so i can’t download.
(i already tryed downloading Source SDK, it doesn’t work to steaming retardness)


Also i have GMOD,HL2 and some random counter-strike parts,
along with DOD:S parts,along with TF2 parts…

It’s the only way to get hold of it.

how can you have “some” random cs parts?

Are you inferring warez, because if you pirated anything on your steam that’s probably why it’s broken and noone here will help you. If not, contact steam support about downloading it, it’s the only way to get hammer.

ninja’d? :razz:

Wait, are you sure nothing on your steam is pirated? Or even steam itself?

You slick bastard. :v:


Garrysmod came with random cutted up CS:S parts,and TF2 Ragdolls and props.
That’s what i meant.
And seriously steam is shit for me,
someone give me a hand and zip it so i can download :slight_smile:


It didn’t include the full games , tho…
Cause i cant play them,
and they “half” downloaded, their on 50%,they started downloading when i was recently buying gmod.
it was coool :smiley:


and,with cutted up i mean models and ragdolls,props and w_models.thats what i meant

Installing games like this breaks steam, you have a broken steam installation, and most likely account. Or you’re a pirate and you think we can help you if you don’t tell us. Talk to steam support, they’ll fix stuff up for you.

How did you get gmod if you don’t have steam?

He pirated every game he has dont help him.

we can’t help him, it would require a fuck-ton of work to hack his account on the Steam servers to make it appear as though he has an actual Source game, then to enable the Source SDK download

Steam stopped being shit a couple of years ago.

use STEAM!, i hate u

Ironically he got banned for warez.