Where can I learn LUA?

Where is a good website to learn lua? I know you can learn naturally by going into files, learning, editing, but is there a good source to learn? It does not have to be free, but if there is please notify me. If it costs money, please… is it cheap?

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Oh… also… I mean gmod lua… and regular lua in general.

You can get some to teach you Lua which can be pretty expensive. I suggest just reading this subforum and avoiding Acecools tutorials, they are not helpful and will teach you bad habits.

Can you link me the subforums? Also… I understand someone can teach me… but is there a website? the subforums look intresting… I hope you can link :slight_smile:

Can’t tell if Haskell is trolling or not but here are some links.

http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index4875.html – Warning that a lot of this is out of date but can still

You will find an awful lot by browsing the developer section too.


Thanks guys! All of this information is helpful. I won’t resolve it as I see people are still posting. If you find something will help me, please post it. I hope to see you soon :slight_smile: