Where can I learn to LUA?

Look this is really distracting me I tried to look on gmod wiki and no offense to it’s creators but, it’s the most useless guide I’ve seen in my life. What I’m really looking for is a guide that’s straight fowards are possibly a viedo explaining how to start making sweps,gamemodes,and all that other shit.

do what i do, download lua files and strip them down and figure out how they work if you wont know what a functions or somthing takes/puts out check it on the wiki and just learn about it.

cough http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Lua_Tutorial_Series

Found that pretty helpful. Other than that, I just looked at other people’s stuff and generated ideas off of that.

For example, the admin menu I created started off as a modification of the ASSmod menu (which I hated with a passion) and evolved from there as I got more ideas.

Best Lua tutorial you’ll ever find:

its Lua not LUA. It is a name not an acronym.

That is Lua that is the syntax of Lua that is the basics of Lua read it love it learn it. The wiki for a specific flavor of Lua in which custom commands have been inserted to access C++ code. Lua by itself is a simple language. The Lua on the gmod wiki is just specific things you call or run inside of the real Language of Lua.


Theres One Solution To This Question:


SWEP Tutorial ( Link is currently down. ):

Gamemode Tutorial:

All that other shit:

Get out.

hai guyz can i lern to exp2??

Oh god, it isn’t even Lua… It’s lua.

But, you can say Lua if you please. It just means you put a capital letter in the middle of a sentence.

Need I directly quote the about? or should i just tell you to read the very bottom. again www.lua.org/pil is your friend

That’s like saying if you type “English” with the capital E, it’s putting a capital letter in the middle of a sentence.


And on a different page of lua.org,

Sorry, I trust them more.

And for the record, you speak English, the same way other people speak Chinese, German, Spanish, etc.