Where can I obtain a beta-key for running a server?

Really looking through this thread and rust-site but I can not find how to do this… I really read all the forum rules :slight_smile:

I want to start a server in NL-region for ‘grown-up’ rules only, and I found out how to install the game, but seem to need a beta-key? Are they still available?

So ideas and help is welcome thnx people :slight_smile:


You can rent a game server for $$, but you need a Rust account, purchased through steam.

I use https://www.hfbservers.com/

I want you to read the very first lines of the Valve developer wiki SteamCMD instructions that you found, directly above the table of contents.

Namely the bit that explicitly states the server software is not publicly available and only selected game server providers (i.e. resellers) are being furnished with the password to download the binaries for deployment.

Thnx for the replies I read the post, was wondering if I could apply to become a small server provider (since I own a hosting company, would make me a candidate) but couldn’t find the info further more so maybe I missed that…

Sadly though :-s

Thnx for the help anyway :slight_smile:

Unless you’re looking to expand your hosting company to include Rust game server hosting as a product you offer to others, that’s not what that is for.