where could I learn more about script made by valve?


You probably all remember that hl2 buggy/jeep had somekind of speedometer that didnt even had numbers, it was just for visuals. http://shrani.si/f/b/Zy/2Vr0L5H0/countryside0010.jpg

Well I was wondering if it could be used to actually show the speed on other cars that have numbers: http://shrani.si/f/3H/c7/1O4A3xoX/countryside0009.jpg

But until I know how it (script) works I cant calibrate it. For example, if I make animation for speedo from 0 to 310, but in script it will say max speed 260, will it take as if 310 (max value on gauge) is really 260 as specified in vehicle’s script?

Could anybody please point me where I could look for that specific script please? I tried searching for it in game files, tried searching for it with google and on valve developer community but found nothing, so any help is appreciated.


I think it’s just part of the models animation

No, i dont think so, because I already used it in my custom models. It moves the assigned model according to vehicle speeds and that cant be just part of model anim, look (left meter): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCYKKVTnAuY&list=UUqd2TbTA_6G9e3IutqG9gtg&feature=player_detailpage#t=228s

The only thing I had to do is prepare an animation of the speedometer with at least three frames:
frame 0: speed 0
frame 1: speed middle
frame 2: max speed

$sequence "speedo" "speedo" fps 30
$weightlist speedo { "speedometer" 1.0 }
$animation slow "speedo" frame 0 0 subtract neutral 0 weightlist speedo
$animation mid "speedo" frame 1 1 subtract neutral 0 weightlist speedo
$animation fast "speedo" frame 2 2 subtract neutral 0 weightlist speedo
$sequence speedometer { slow mid fast blend vehicle_guage 0 1 } weightlist speedo blendwidth 3 delta autoplay

I havent yet been able to determine if this has anything to do with speedo:

$poseparameter "vehicle_guage" 0 1

I can use the script, but in order to make accurate gauge I have to see how it works, maybe even change it a bit.