Where developers are posting the concept arts?

Hi guys! Does anyone know where developers are posting the concept arts?
The Trello is outdated for some time.

Sorry my bad english, thanks!

They are using a different website now. Garry basically said Trello was too hard to keep organized and updated. I don’t have the link for where they moved so hopefully a friendly and resourceful soul will link it.

He said in a previous devblog about it I think, so you could look there. Something from 2 weeks - 1 month ago.

Yes, he said this in Devblog 56… He wrote that would begin to use GitHub, but the link is broken.

Looked into this becaue I was curious myself, looks like they had it public but apparently it cannot be public without being publicly editted / posted on. (obviously some cockadoodle motherfuckers ruined it for everyone else). So for the time being no more easy access to the devs work. :L

yep. github worked about a week then vanished, presumably made private thanks to the people who kept spamming comments that were not necessary and could have been posted on the forum…